Swimming pools, spas and fountains in residential properties and healthcare premises offer a level of luxury and therapeutic benefit to their occupants, but the temperatures and water conditions they create make them high-risk locations for the growth of Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. Premises managers needs to ensure extra care is taken for safe enjoyment and use of the facilities under their control.

The respected authority on swimming pool management is the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), which has published its Code of Practice and swimming pool treatment guide. Public Health England has given detailed advice on spas and whirlpool baths, now accompanied by HSE’s HSG282 – Control of legionella and other infectious agents in spa-pool systems. Aqualogic ensures that site procedures are in line with these highly important documents. Importantly, our staff are trained by PWTAG approved training providers.

Regular plant inspections ensure that your water system continues to run safely and the control programme remains effective. Depending on the level of risk, we may suggest that these are carried out on a monthly, or six-monthly basis.

Aqualogic carry out site visits and conduct detailed risk assessments to give an accurate estimate of the risk posed by Legionella bacteria to that site. Testing involves the collection of water samples for thorough analysis, prior to developing a detailed report that indicates your risk factors.

Water Care Programmes For Your Swimming Pool Or Spa

In addition to testing the quality of the water used at your swimming pool or spa, we offer regular monitoring and maintenance programmes, as well as fully documented treatment and safety programmes:

Water treatment and hygiene assessments

Normal and emergency operation plans

Pool safety assessments

Site staff training

Pool and spa coshh assessments


Water quality monitoring, probe calibration and regular audits

Swimming Pool And Spas – Much More Than Legionella Risk Assessment

Our swimming pool and spa risk assessments highlight shortcomings in operation and treatment. Awareness of these weak spots helps to establish a treatment programme to eradicate these bacteria, leaving those using the facilities free to enjoy them safely.


Swimming Pool & Spa Operator

On carrying out our initial assessment, Aqualogic found a number of concerns in the pool and spa management. A single staff member carried out poolside tests, but with no training specific to the site’s equipment. Test and maintenance records were poor and not subject to regular audit. The pool maintainer visited every 3 or 4 weeks, or as required by the development manager. This left large gaps in the monitoring and maintenance programme with responsibilities undefined and procedures unclear.

Aqualogic put in a place Operation and Emergency plans and COSHH procedures, and began monthly probe calibration, auditing of records, and refresher training where needed. This was backed up with a programme of microbiological and chemical testing. Water treatment, pool safety and COSHH assessments are included annually.