Building managers rely on Aqualogic to protect their clients and their buildings against deterioration in water quality. Services fall broadly into the categories that follow – please click on them for specific information about each area.

In the services we offer, we are mindful of the sensitivities of tenants and site staff, and we always seek to co-operate in making sure our presence on site is convenient and expected.

Legionella control for Specific types of Commercial Properties

Commercial properties are served by varied and sometimes complex water systems. Our Legionella risk assessors and surveyors are trained to look at every building with fresh eyes, while collecting information about the special risks presented by the site’s services.

As one of the UK’s leading commercial Legionella risk assessment providers, we aim to lead the way through the quality of our reporting. We avoid a simple ‘checklist’ approach as we believe this can result in the failure to appreciate any unusual, or unique, plant or working methods. Each commercial building is viewed individually and any circumstances specific to them are covered – for example, a hose from a sprinkler tank may be used for intermediate use to wash cars, creating aerosol potentially containing Legionella.