Protecting Water Quality and Flow Through Pumps, Tanks and Cylinders: Integrated Mechanical Maintenance and Legionella Control

Aqualogic provides a service that meets the UK’s high standards for water quality and hygiene.

Aqualogic has ensured the safety of the water supplied by healthcare providers, commercial and residential properties for over 16 years. We pride ourselves on the level of technical expertise underpinning our water systems maintenance programmes, ranging from mechanical works to tanks, pumps and cylinders to Legionella risk assessments and water tests.

Our Services

Pump Servicing
& Maintenance

Water Quality
Assessment & Testing

Water System


Water Tank Replacement
& Refurbishment

Pools & Spas


TMV Servicing & Maintenance


Legionella Risk Assessment, Microbiological and Chemical Analysis

We address not just the well-being of building users, but the health of the building itself, with a long-term view to protecting your water tanks, cylinders, cooling plant and associated services from corrosion, scale and mechanical failure. We also have a well-developed swimming pool and spa division assisting building managers to meet the difficulties of compliance and safe treatment.

The requirements for water testing, inspections and treatment are continuously evolving and increasing demands are placed on building safety. We believe our customers are looking for more than perfunctory visits and reports. Our customers are usually responsible for co-ordinating the water hygiene programme, and it is not something that can be signed away to a contractor. It is every part of our company DNA that we keep our customers informed and educated about what we do and the part they play in good water management.

Fully Accredited for
Your Peace of Mind

Aqualogic staff are experienced and qualified to the level that the industry demands. We hold full corporate membership of the Legionella Control Association and have built their high standards into our operations procedures. Membership of the Water Management Society is also held by the majority of our staff. Furthermore, we maintain a stringent health and safety system that guarantees you will meet your obligations to use safe and competent contractors.

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