Trickling showers and slow filling baths can be very frustrating, and if you’re suffering from it, it can feel like an emergency. Finding someone who can work out the cause can be equally exasperating.

There are many reasons for poor pressure and flow in apartments and offices – we’ve listed below some of the most common ones we have found when resolving low shower power, baths that fill slowly, or painfully slow taps.

Common Problems

Reduction in water pressure by your water company. The London area is particularly affected by this where Thames Water has dropped pressures.

Poorly installed pipework and fittings. The wrong bore of pipe or mixer valve can prevent your system working operating at it best.

Excessive demand from other users locally. The popularity of mains only systems has put a greater strain on the local water mains. Where cold water tanks have been removed, all the taps and showers in a building may be drawing on the mains at once.

Blockages and pipe restrictions. This could be old, scaled, lead pipe or corroded steel pipe. Sometimes we find filters are blocked reducing, or even stopping, flow.

Incorrect pump settings. The pump set point may be lower than required, or accumulator pressures may be lower than necessary to maintain a smooth flow at a good pressure.

Worn or damaged pumps and accumulators. Lack of maintenance, wear and age all play a part in reducing the efficiency of a booster set.

Defective, scaled or incorrectly adjusted valves. Sometimes a pressure reducing valve needs to be re-set. On occasion, a valve has been closed during maintenance work and not fully opened again.

The Result